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 Charter of users (english)

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Messages : 3484
Date d'inscription : 02/11/2010
Age : 48
Localisation : France

Charter of users (english) Empty
MessageSujet: Charter of users (english)   Charter of users (english) EmptyJeu 4 Nov 2010 - 7:08

"galgos españoles del mundo"

By registering in this chat room, you understand and accept the rules governing this forum.

Discussion Topic

This forum is dedicated to the breed 'Galgo Español'.
It is open to everyone, the owner or the breeder, the amateur or the expert, the old or new lover, the hunter (in Spain) or not, people who does own a galgo or not, with or without papers EXCLUSION OF ASSOCIATIONS OF ANIMAL PROTECTIONS OR ADOPTIONS OF GALGOS .
We do not allow any diffusion about any animal welfare or adoption of a galgo rescue. Please, pay attention to respect this choice.
People who own a galgo rescue are welcome here if their desire is to learn more about the breed, its origin, its standard behavior. Similarly, the members of this forum should take care not to denigrate the galgos recues, galgos whose like any other being living, deserve our respect.
So there is no bigotry here, just the desire for a different forum and the passion of Galgo español.

Access and registration

Some topics in this forum can be read by anyone, others require registration to access.
To contribute to the forum, you will be asked to register your name or choose a screen name and password and enter an email address.
This registration enables:
- Other participants to recognize your various contributions, thereby personalizing the debate,
- Any participant to personally contact you without revealing your email address through a private messaging system,
- Delete your own contributions.

The option to save your username and password on the forums requires the use of a persistent cookie (stored on the hard drive of your computer). This file has the sole function to simplify your access to the forums by deleting the entry stage of your username and password. We recommend that you do not use this cookie if you access the forum on a public access station.

Rights and duties of the reader

Any reader of this forum must respect the intellectual property rights of authors. It shall in particular not to reproduce and distribute contributions published on this forum on other forums or other material without the consent of their authors.

Rights and duties of the contributor

Every contributor retains ownership of his message and intellectual property rights attached thereto.
The statements made on this forum are published under your own responsibility. As such, you must respect the laws and regulations and the right people.
For example, you should not disseminate messages violent, abusive, defamatory, racist, revisionist, an apologist for war crimes, pedophiles, calling for the murder or incitement to suicide, promoting discrimination or hatred or whose reproduce content without authorization a work protected by intellectual property (eg, news articles, message from a third party).

Be sure also to respect comity required for the smooth discussion: do not be offensive with respect to anyone, administrators, moderators, contributors and other visitors, and any third party (farmers, associations, institutions, etc.). .
Keep cool, polite and helpful, argue with respect.

Respect begins with the language. If you wish to be included, express yourself properly. SMS language is strongly discouraged. The languages used on the forum are mainly French and English.

Avoid off-topic subject, provocative or disruptive. In particular, do not address issues of politics and religion.
If you put a post out of you, board, expect to have stayed before sending replies violent or emotionally charged, one step back is often necessary to avoid increasing tensions and conflicts.
If someone is out of joint, do not answer, do not make the mayonnaise for nothing, leave it in his corner.

In practice:

- The languages used on this forum are French and English, for the sake of moderation. Administrators and moderators have not sufficient understanding of German and Spanish. Some post-its and announcements are still available in German and Spanish for our members.
- Your first message should be your presentation: go to the "Member Introductions".
- Before opening a new topic, choose carefully to what category to put it.
- Be clear in the titles of topics that you create so that the subject of your message is immediately identifiable.
- You may not export any of the opinions expressed on this forum without permission from the administration.
- Clearly state your sources if quote or photo recovery (unprotected of course) and put the link in the case of web sources.
- Private messaging is a "plus" given to forumeurs and can not be used in the absence of effective participation in the forum, or for advertising purposes or to harass another member.
- Respect the right of publicity: not to publish photographs of recognizable people taken in private without their written consent.
- Your complaints about the management and moderation of the forum can not be expressed only by mail to: [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

Any post that violates these regulations or which might adversely affect the good atmosphere of the forum will be deleted by moderators at any time without explanation.
Recurrences will be punished by warnings.
The third warning means immediate and permanent exclusion from the forum.


Moderation intervening after release, you are fully and solely responsible for the content (text, photos, drawings, etc..) Of your posts, both civil and administrative or criminal.
If a message seems shocking or controversial, report it to the moderation address: [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]
The moderator will ensure that your contribution is relevant to the topic of discussion covered in the forum, respects the law and regulations in force and it allows a constructive discussion. It also reserves the option to delete redundant messages, advertising or promotional nature, contrary to public order or morality, violent, racist, revisionist, an apologist for war crimes, insulting or abusive, contrary to copyright or neighboring rights, the law applicable to databases, trademark law, right to the image, the right to respect for privacy or violate any law or regulation in force.

Referencing message

All contributions published on the publicly accessible part of this forum may be referenced on a search engine and, therefore, be viewed by the public outside of this forum.

Destination of data collected and archived messages

This forum stores and keeps all data that will allow the identification of authors of messages and conducts a private archive of posts. This information may be disclosed to a legal authority that would make the request.

Editing and deleting messages

You can always ask us to amend or delete your own posts at [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien], taking care to give us the following: title and date of publication of the message, used nickname.
You can also edit or delete your own posts yourself.

Privacy Policy
According to law "and Freedoms" of January 6, 1978, you have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you.
You can exercise this right by sending a message to: [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]
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Charter of users (english)
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